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Precise Naturals®

At Precise, we are meticulous about creating nutritious, wholesome dog food using only the highest-quality ingredients and applying unsurpassed safety standards. That’s why we use only whole grains – no corn, wheat, dairy or sorghum – 

and we never use animal by-products.

Precise is also made in the USA by a fourth-generation family owned company that has a reputation for quality. Every kibble we make is wholesome and nutritious with safety as our number one concern. 

A vibrant, healthy pet makes you happy, and that makes us happy.

During their first month's, puppies need extra nutrition for added energy and to assist in the growth of developing organ and muscle tissue. That’s why we developed Precise Naturals®Small & Medium Breed Puppy Formula, a premium, high-protein formula that can be fed from the time of weaning to 12 months. It’s made with high quality ingredients plus the vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks for proper health so your puppy gets a healthy start in life. It’s also ideal for dogs during pregnancy and lactation. .

For THE NEW companion.

Precise Naturals does not add any synthetic preservatives. But that wasn’t nearly enough to provide the finest quality nutrition for your special tail-wagging member of the family. Precise is made with upscale ingredients such as quality chicken meal, whole grains, flaxseed, fish oil, probiotics, chelated minerals, and omega fatty acids.

For your Adult companion.

Once your dog reaches a mature age, you want to do all you can to keep him or her healthy. Precise Naturals® Senior Formula is a nutritious, low sodium food that helps maintain ideal weight in older dogs. It has added L-Carnitine to facilitate weight management and added Taurine for promoting a healthy heart and vision. Precise Naturals is always preserved naturally using mixed tocopherols. Precise Naturals does not add any synthetic preservatives. Precise Naturals Senior Formula. Your senior pet has earned it.

For the older companion.