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Chicken Feed


Country Feeds® 
Layer 16% Feed
Solid nutrition that provides your layers with the proper balance of protein, vitamins and minerals needed to support health and produce quality eggs.
  • Complete nutrition for the unique needs of laying hens
  • 16% protein and is fortified with vitamins and minerals to promote hen health and egg production
  • A complete layer feed—no need for supplementation
  • Crumble form encourages consumption
  • Available regionally in a pellet or a crumble form.

STARTER & GROWER CRUMBLE with Apex®; Natural: no antibiotics, hormones, or ingredients derived from animals. A 20% protein crumble for young, growing chickens; feed until commencement of laying (20 to 24 weeks). Straight-run (mixed sex) chicks should also be started on this feed. Feed to chicks and pullets as the sole ration from hatch through 17 weeks of age.  After 17 weeks, feed Bartlett Complete Egg RationPellets or Crumbles

Bartlett Five-Way SCRATCH FEED is a high energy, all-natural supplement for all types of birds. Grains are cleaned and screened before processing; cracked corn, whole wheat, whole milo, flint corn, and black oil sunflower seeds are blended with grit and pure soybean oil to make a special treat for birds.